Partner With Your Body’s Wisdom

Dance/Movement Therapy

In dance/movement therapy sessions, together we will explore movement practices that build the sense of joy, and power of being in your body and this one particular life. I will be your guide, witness and hold a welcoming, safe and playful space for the growth you want. You may seek renewed vitality, a release from anxiety, to transform an outdated way of being, deeper communion with the world around you, or time for your body spirit to grow together. Know that I have been grounded in this work for nearly 30 years. I am ready to walk with you into your next yes.

We will

  • welcome and track the pleasure and information that comes from moving, and releasing old patterns and beliefs
  • Ignite creativity and ground new ways of being and moving
  • Engage your body and imagination, to explore layers of physical sensation and possilbity
  • Integrate movement with cognitive and emotional processes
  • Rebuild your pathways to calm and confidence
  • deepen your trust in your own body of experience and knowing

Dance as a healing tool is as old as humanity itself. The American Dance Therapy Association has codified and organized these ancient practices forming a rigorous evidence based discipline formed nearly 60 years ago. Research on the effect of body based interventions on social, emotions, psychological and cognitive self validates these practices as direct tools for change.

“Thank you Heidi. I can feel my confidence coming back.” -HM

“Heidi has a special talent and gift of opening to each individual, their ways and their needs each day. She holds our uniqueness with such caring and protection.” -NM

Heidi is the curator of fun.” -DV