Rebound and Reconnect Your Community

Corporate/Community Wellness

Burnout is a public health crisis. This facilitation is a balm for turning that burnout to innovation.

Time to throw out the old paradigm of powerpoint and the talking head gurus of team building. Engage your people in layered, embodied and unexpected experiences that transform. With custom built facilitation, we will ignite creativity and buoyancy that will connect your people to their resilience, sense of possibility, drive … and to each other.

This Interactive programing is dynamic, meaningful, and definitely out of the ordinary. Rekindle the spark in your community and build a sense of shared meaning.

Previous project partners include a loose affiliation of local coffee shops, universities, hospitals and music festivals. From structured group play in the snow, to flash dance mobs, a Heidi-planned happening is collaborative magic made real.

You and your people deserve it.

“Imagination is more important the knowledge”

Albert Einstein

“Heidi’s professionalism, passion for her field and dedication to improving the lives of others shines through in all she touches.” -EM

“I have seen Heidi work with widely diverse groups, and be able to adapt to each participant’s needs both physically in the movement practice, and also in the space she creates during discussion and discovery.” -DJ

Heidi’s spirit and energy really engaged our diverse group. Despite all the language ‘barriers’ people were truly able to be vulnerable and experience so much of each other.” -BL