Uncover Your Innate Paths to Delight and Deep Rest

Meditation Coaching

Meditation shouldn’t be hard…it’s your birthright. You are wired for it. Deep rest and relaxed attention to life are inborn instincts.

In the embodied meditation approach, uncover your innate pathways to create a meditation practice that is potent, sustainable and tailored to you.

With a foundation of 30 years of experience, I will guide you in cultivating a myriad of techniques drawn from the ancient yogic texts, the wisdom of the world’s artists and mystics, and current neurobiology and physiological meditation research. We will design your own creative pathways: as unique as your fingerprint and no further away.

In a one-on-one single coaching session or a package of sessions, we will curate your personalized toolkit of enjoyable meditative practices for deep rest, resilience to stress, and the capacity for more delight in life. We’ll fine-tune your practice until it feels like home. Deep rest and the thrill of stepping fully into your own life awaits.

“There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”


“Meditation sessions with Heidi, is the single most important thing that I have done since my diagnosis.” -CM

“Heidi’s listening and state of inquiry create a settled feeling that welcomes me into a deeper layer of groundedness which allows clarity, possibilities and options to emerge.” -MS

“I have never felt like that before. So calm. I take medicine to help keep my head on straight and my mind calm. And even with all that I have never felt so good.” -SN